Michael Herold - Metal Sculpture

About Michael Herold

My work is my statement.
What am I thinking? 
What sculpture will I create?
Which shapes inspire me? 

Will my sculpture be fun and whimsical, or shall I create a piece that shocks and is emotionally provocative?
Is the sculpture in balance, or out of balance, by design?  
Does the sculpture fit the space in which it is going to live?
Can the sculpture be happy, or sad, or funny, or loving, or peaceful, or...what will it be?
Do the parts become a whole, or will I allow them to be disjointed?  
Does my creation please me from all angles?  
Will the sculpture create smiles or a quirky side eye from viewers?
What do I see?  
How does it flow?  
What does it say?
What emotion does my sculpture evoke?

What are you thinking?  

Let me know .

The Process... 

I  conceptualize the sculptural creation. There are many layouts and designs, and many possibilities to explore. The proper materials are collected. The supporting personnel are gathered for the project. Discussions take place concerning the project to ensure the vision is met. Engineering, fabricators, delivery, installation, public relations, legal, counsels, boards, and homeowners are spoken with as required. 

The metal is prepared by grinding, cutting, bending, forming, and shaping.  The sculpture is formed or welded according to the design.  The work is then finished by grinding the welds carefully if the sculptural design warrants.  

Finally, I apply a primer and paint, or powder coat, or allow the metal to oxidize, or polish, or patina the metal, depending on the project. If you prefer a different finish, and let me know. 

Corporate/Public Art...

The sculpture must fit within the space in which it will live. It must meet the design and vision of the company and the project. It must represent the company or collector well.

My Bio and About Me...

I was born in Michigan near Ann Arbor. Accepted into the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair as a sculptor at age 17. The youngest ever accepted. I studied business....in the art library.  

Degree in Industrial Marketing, Western Michigan University. Accepted into the Loveland Sculpture Invitational in Loveland Colorado, and a few other Shows.  

Kept slowly creating, but decided to share sculpting and teach.  Taught more than 30,000 students clay sculpture from grades K-6, as well as Adult and Special Needs classes.  

Supported myself as a Real Estate Broker and still have my license.  

Now, I've decided I would create Metal Sculptures, so I did, 240 to be exact. From December 2020 to January 2022. 1 year and 2 months. I now create several new works per month. 

So where am I going? I will keep creating sculptures and refine my work. Perfection is difficult, but I seek it with every project. I can always see what can be improved, even when I love my work. 

And...what do I desire? 

I have decided to create Corporate and Public Art. And create special sculptures that are commissioned. I have always said to myself, since I was 17 years old..."10 tons and 30 feet". Now is the time, today is the day. 

Also...I intend to create "Sculpture Residences". 

And not just any home, but a shockingly interesting, beautifully inspiring, and as unique a home as you or the world can imagine. Would you like to live in one of my sculptures? I will create it, with the assistance of world-class engineers, general contractors, fabricators, interior designers, and trades persons or course. 

Are you, yes you, a person or Corporation who would commission a 10-ton 30-foot sculpture?  

Are you someone who would like to own a home no one has ever, or will ever, own? It will be wonderful, exciting, and attention-grabbing, I promise. 

Or choose a sculpture from my site, and let's scale it up to your desired size. 

Or, what you would like to have created.

Let me know.

I have world-class, experienced fabricators ready to create in any size. All things are possible.

Thank you ...