Michael Herold - Metal Sculpture

Corporate - Public Sculpture

Corporate Sculpture

Lets create and build a “signature statement” sculpture for you to place within your office or building, or on any exterior location you choose, in any size you can imagine.

I conceptualize the overall sculptural creation.  Drawings and maquettes are created.  The work is engineered to insure structural integrity.  The metal is prepared by cutting, forming and shaping.  The sculpture is constructed or welded according to the design.  I then finish the piece to meet the sculptural vision.  Finally I paint, powder-coat, oxidize, patina, or retain the original surface. The location is prepared for installation.  My team is assembled and the sculpture is placed, secured, and then publicly unveiled.

Public Sculpture

I design and build public art in any size, to fit the space the sculpture will live in. If you would like it to weigh 50+ tons and be 50+ feet tall, I can create it. I have the fabrication team assembled that can create any monumental sculpture. A spectacular sculpture that will inspire the public and be interactive if desired. I can create a sculpture along any theme you wish, in any location, world wide.

Call me today and we will begin a journey to create.