Michael Herold - Metal Sculpture

Charitable Sculptures

Charity, heart, love and compassion. 
Empathy for those in need. 
Honor and respect. 
I have created sculptures that will be given in appreciation to those who give. This is one of those sculptures. 
This sculpture is created for, and to honor our military personnel and first responders, 

who in service to our country and community, have suffered. 
The sculpture is titled "PTSD".
I am asking for a donation to be given 100% to The Gary Sinese Foundation.  
Yes, I know it is a very large donation. 
Let me know if you wish to donate another amount.
It's simple, when Gary calls me and tells me you have donated I will promptly send the sculpture to you.
If you are a charity and would like me to donate a sculpture to your cause please call me. I may be able to.

H 30" W 12" D 12"
Donation Request, and thank you in advance, $1,000,000.