Michael Herold - Metal Sculpture

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You got to love...

"Big Daddy D" 

and his son 

"Big Daddy D JR"

A Whimisical and Provacative Sculpture by Michael Herold

"Big Daddy D" and "Big Daddy D JR"

Yep, here you go ........ Big Daddy D and Big Daddy D JR.

You got some cray cray sculptures right here.

Over the top.

Wow factor galore. 

Can you believe these sculptures. 

Nope, nothing like them in the world.

Why not own them? You can!

Sure conversation pieces.

None of your friends or acquaintances will every forget them.

Ha - no way.  

These two sculptures really make a smile come to your face. 

They are both Harley riders and play in a heavy metal band together. 

This is a VERY heavy sculptures that are stable and well built. 

Call me to discuss them. 

I look forward to talking to you.

If you would like different colors, I can do that. 

Commission one, or two, or ten.

And don't forget, I will attend the unveiling party that you have to show off your playful, full of fun and life "BIG DADDY D" and "BIG DADDY D JR" sculptures.

It will be fun.

I'll represent you well.

Big Daddy D

Big Daddy D JR

Big Daddy D

Big Daddy D JR

Michael Herold (b. 1957) American
enver, Colorado USA

"BIG DADDY D" 2021
Steel, Oil Enamel Paint
H 88” - W 65” - D 32 - 196 LBS

 " Big Daddy D" works as intended.
To raise an eyebrow. To tilt a head.
To create the question - what is it?
To create the question - why?
And then to be answered.
So, what is your answer?

Michael Herold (b. 1957) American 
Denver, Colorado USA 

“ BIG DADDY D JR”  2021 
Steel, Stainless, Oil Enamel Paint 
H 88” - W 58” - D 32 - 184 LBS
“Big Daddy D JR" slaps you with crazy.
Nuts on nuts on nuts and nuts.
Over a high mark of - what the @#$%
Making you comment, and question.
Creating an eyerolling response.
What, then, is your comment?