Michael Herold - Metal Sculpture

"Moonscape Sunrise”

This sculpture was inspired by a California collector of fine art. 

I think it came out well and is an interesting sculpture. 

It's fun to look at and pleasing to the eye. 

It is a taller sculpture at 84 inches.

The sculpture changes its appearance when viewed from different angles. 

The orange color surely "pops". Museum Label 

Michael Herold (b. 1957) American

"Moonscape Sunrise” © 2023 

Mild Steel, Oil Enamel Paint 
H 84” - W 24” - D 24” - 90 LBS 

"Moonscape Sunrise" is a depiction of the lunar landscape at dawn. The craters, the rocky edges, and a color that is not of this world. What does this "Moonscape Sunrise" bring to your mind?

"Moonscape Sunrise" Gallery